Creating ‘The Journey to Ukazoo’ Book project

‘The Journey to Ukazoo’ Book project:

Intermingled with the 9 oil paintings displayed at Ukazoo Bookstore in 2014 were 23 smaller works called ’Thumbnail Sketches’ and I definitely mean smaller. The drawings themselves are 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 inches and with mat and frame a robust 5 x 5 inches in size.

In the book they will show four to a page.

To the book project, the video portion is done and has been sent to a friend to compose the background music. Once the music track is laid in, I will then upload it to the Kickstarter worksheets and submit ‘The Journey to Ukazoo’ book project for approval to launch the Crowdfunding campaign.

Checked with new postal rates, reviewed updated quotes for digital scanning/layout costs, and received an updated quote from the publisher to finalize what the monetary goal I will be asking for to publish the book.


Image: ‘Thumbnail Sketches’ (two in private collections)

Text and Image: Copyright Craig L Haupt

Ukazoo: Trademark Ukazoo Books with permission.


12 + 12, 12 x 12’s – “Stick Man” Finished Painting

24 StickMan

Project: 12 + 12, 12 x 12’s – #6 by Craig L Haupt

Title-“Stick Man”  Fourth sequenced post.

Posted is the “Stick Man” finished painting.

As I mentioned last week, there were a few nagging questions about a few objects in the painting that needed to be resolved as it neared completion. The first of these, the tightrope. In the worksheet the rope went off the right side of the canvas. I needed the rope somehow to be grounded. Wrestling with a few solutions, I settled on the tie-off to the corner of the canvas.

On the worksheet the hand/arm coming in from the right had an apple in it. This was a weak correlation to the person holding the grapes. I changed the apple to a house. The person holding the building, looking at the hand/arm with a house, I felt had a stronger correlation.

And last, at the bottom right corner, the grassy knoll under the shelf holding the car felt very empty. Here I added a road going over a rise with the back of a truck slowly disappearing.


Next Monday is Labor Day, and since most people will be out and about, I will post an image from the archives and then I will be away from the computer till the end of September. I will post the “Doodle” for image #7 starting Monday October 3rd.


The project will be posted in the following sequence, 1st Monday-the sketch/doodle or related source from whence the painting has originated.

The second Monday-the 12”x12” pencil ‘Worksheet’ showing the intended painting.

The third Monday-a ‘Progress’ post of the painting.

The fourth Monday-the ‘Finished’ painting.

Then repeat.


Art notes:

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“The Thumbnail Sketches”-Number Four

4 Thumbnail 6

“The Thumbnail Sketches”

Number Four


This 30 year old ‘doodle’ finally found it’s home, with some slight modifications, in this “Thumbnail Sketch” format.


The original is in private collection.


See “The Thumbnail Sketches” Number One for a synopsis of this “Series of drawings”


Art notes:

All images are copyright Craig L Haupt

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