The Ukazoo Journey-“Snapshots and Memorabilia”

Island of Spheres.....

The Ukazoo Journey-“Snapshots and Memorabilia”

Fourth week of Ukazoo Art Exhibit

“Island of Spheres Surrounded By Sea Serpents”


The next manila envelope at the bottom of the now almost empty box of mail had a confusing Postmark with just a series of letters and numbers which read “DZT4736L^-^B471c”.

Opening of the envelope produced similar contents as the envelope I received from Idaho, a letter and accompanying photo. I recognized the author of the letter immediately-“Henri”, the dad of the waylaid family I met outside of Roswell, New Mexico (Slide 10).

Besides opening greetings, Henri informed me that their communication equipment had finally been fixed (a found “bobby-pin” inserted between two circuits provided an electrical pathway to the main signal relay system) and contact with home had been restored.

Henri’s letter went on. “Back ‘Home’, relieved to hear our voices after 66 long earth years, our parents then held a bake sale to raise enough money to buy and send an upgraded star system computer app to chart a return course, plus, by Shipping-Pods, enough fuel for the return trip. ‘Home’, being a planet of vast areas of water, with a network of domed cities resting on numerous islands. Enclosed is an aerial photo from our long awaited approach to our home/city, ‘B471c’, which translates to your language as “Island of Spheres Surrounded by Sea Serpents”.

Henri explained, “One evening, when the city was build, four thousand earth years ago, a group of young space cadets were flying back from a flight-school graduation party. Noticing, that from above, the curled red connecting bridges to the smaller perimeter security spheres looked like the tongues of sea serpents ready to eat the spheres. Over the next several years, what began as comments said in jest, the residents’ gradually adopted the name for our city.”

Continuing to write, Henri, also noted that the space travel went smooth, but they did make one stop. A ’must’ stop for the family.

“During our earlier years in New Mexico, we ordered ’Delivery’ from a place we had heard about called “Spaceburgers” because of their “first order-free delivery” offer, but, while wonderful burgers and fries, we could never afford the $11,345.14 delivery charge for any subsequent order. The intergalactic trip home wouldn’t have been complete without stopping for another of their universally famous burgers and fries. The kids also had a great time meeting the local inhabits of the planet.”


“Wish you the best with your upcoming Ukazoo Art Exhibit. Keep well my friend.”

Henri and Family.


Such a coincidence, I will have to write back one day about my getting to eat one of those famous “Spaceburgers” (Slide 15)


This is the picture they enclosed.


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Journey to Ukazoo-Slide Nine

The Frog Race

Journey to Ukazoo

Slide Nine: The Frog Race


Stopped in Kermit, Texas, the same week they were host to the State Fair. Spent most of the weekend wandering around taking in the sights and indulging in cotton candy, pizza and a favorite, Fried Dough. One booth featured Swedish Meatballs, but I’ll be darned if I could understand a thing the guy behind the counter was saying. Passed on the Meatballs and opted for a Blueberry Muffin at the next stand and it was sensational, to say the least.

Not everything was eating, I enjoyed a few games on the midway and relaxed to some great music-a smidgen of Country, a touch of Bluegrass, a band that played old Animal tunes, Blues and even a little Gospel which was very inspirational.

Events for Sunday, the last day of the fair, featured a host of frog related events such as Lily Pad Jumping, Snatch a Fly With One Flick, and the new How High Can A Frog Leap entry. Then in the evening, the final and ever popular main event, The Frog Race.

It was a clear night, Flood lights lit the field, and a jam packed crowd, primed for the main event, was growing wild with anticipation. Money changing hands and bookies writing like crazy as the champion from the next county over was to face off against the hometown favorite. Working the stands were soda, beer and popcorn vendors and at the top of one section were two old guys leveling insults at the visiting frog’s fans. Earlier they had also heckled a comedian working the intermission and most of the crowd happened to agree, he was barely funny.

At the sound of the starter’s pistol, I took this picture just as the frogs were dropped at the start line and began to jump for the finish line, but it wasn’t long before the cheering started to subside as people started to realize you couldn’t tell the two frogs apart. Concern and disarray swept the crowd. Confusion over possible misplaced bets ensued. As the frogs crossed the finish line and the race ended, the crowd was in a near state of panic, the Judges and owners convened and it was determined that both frogs were twins, each going to a new home when tadpoles and each assuming a different last name, so no one knew they were related.

One of Kermit’s more upstanding citizens, Sam, blessed with sharp eagle eyes was asked to check each of the frogs and he found, on the underside of the winning frog’s chin, a very faint birthmark in the shape of an alligator. The Judges decided to delay the final results while they waited on their request to fax over the birth records to determine which frog had the birthmark.

The crowd waiting, the comedian gone, so with a chicken sandwich in hand, I wandered around.

Half an hour later, the fax was in and raced over to the judges stand. By the roar of the crowd there was no mistake that the winner and birthmark belonged to the hometown frog. Hoisted up on shoulders, the frog was paraded all over the fairgrounds, creating a mood that was truly celebrational.

What a night. What a lot of eating-cotton candy, fried dough, pizza, chicken and of course, those wonderful muffins.


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